Jumanji: The Next Level(2019)

type:film  Bean paste 0region:AmericaPlot:action,comedy,Suspense



Four brave people cross back to the dangerous game world again, open a new adventure. Unlike last time, change to Dr Yong stone (dawn Johnson act the role ofing) is spencer grandpa, grandpa's friends will be the linguists (Kevin hart), tall fierce fritsch turned into a middle-aged spread geologists (jack black), only students with excellent grades Martha incarnation still sexy female (Karen gillan), spencer and bethany was missing. In order to rescue the disappeared partner, four people must enter the unknown world out of control, in the face of difficulty extraordinary dangerous deadly checkpoint, Johnson leader challenge the limit of life. Landslide rock in the danger of life hanging by a thread, and the sudden fierce beast fight to the end, they only take a nerve to fight side by side, in order to survive the test of life and death. A thrilling and surprising adventure is about to begin!

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