12 Years a Slave(2013)

type:film  Bean paste 8.1region:AmericaPlot:Plot



Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is a free man who plays the violin, has a wife and two children, and lives a happy life. But he was deceived by two white people who thought he was a circus accompanist. He went to Washington and woke up a slave. Originally sold to Mr. Ford (Benedict Cumberbatch), he works as a slave on the estate. Before long was sold to have known as "black slave terminator" the Epps gentleman that say (Michael Fassbender Michael Fassbender is acted the role of), he picks cotton day after day in plantation, also witnessed a lot of black slave tragedy. 12 years passed, he never gave up the hope of returning to freedom, until he met a progressive person - Mr. Bass carpenter (Brad Pitt). Can Solomon end his slavery?

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