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"She" is a sci-fi love story about people and artificial intelligence falling in love in the near future. The protagonist Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is a letter writer, delicate and deep, can write the most touching letters. He has just ended his marriage to his wife, Catherine (Rooney Mara), and is still heartbroken. An accidental opportunity brought him into contact with the latest artificial intelligence system OS1, its avatar samantha (Scarlett Johansson voice) has a charming voice line, gentle and thoughtful and humorous. Theodore and samantha soon discover that they hit it off, and that there is a two-way need and desire, and that the man-machine friendship develops into a strange love that is not understood by the world...
"Her" was shot mainly in Shanghai, China, and took us director spike jonze three years to prepare for. The film is a fusion of novel sci-fi Settings and traditional romantic atmosphere, real and virtual together to write a warm and healing love. The director says it's a movie about "intimacy," because humans crave intimacy but fear and resist it. Technology facilitates communication, but it also allows people to hide behind it and avoid real emotional contact. "She" directly takes off the veil of cold technology, endows it with a highly human and vivid interest, and turns a human-machine dialogue into a lover's whisper.

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