Christmas Trade(2015)

type:film  Bean paste 6.1region:AmericaPlot:comedy



Missy and robbie are a father and son. Missy is a successful lawyer, a big shot in the company, but not a good father at home. Robbie, a primary school student, has been estranged from his father since his mother's death, with the two often fighting over a word. On Christmas Eve, the pair received a secret gift - a toy bear that can grant any wish. When father and son quarrel, the father said an angry words, "if can change the identity with you, every day with ease!" . But the angry words soon came true. Father and son instantly exchanged the identity, from then on, the two people burst into laughter life began. Fake missy turns into a big boy drinking children's juice in the company, and has been having meetings and meetings; And the fake robbie became a small adult in the campus, the exit chapter, let the little friends marvel...

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